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New business coming to former Macy’s location


Have you ever wondered what has been replacing some of these former department stores?

If you live in Nampa Idaho you may recognize this location. The new tenant for this particular building could very well be the first of its kind in America.

In the past decade we have seen a massive increase in these department store and mall vacancies because of the rise in online shopping. Well, you might be surprised to learn who’s actually moving into some of these sad & abandoned buildings. The new tenants for some of these locations have ranged from schools to dentist offices, storage facilities both for residential and commercial customers. Some of these empty stores have been turned into micro fulfillment centers. Amazon has gone on a shopping spree of its own, buying up disused malls across the country and turning them into distribution centers. but in some cases a dead mall or department store is simply sold as land.

One of former 70,000 square foot Sears store at the Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls, Idaho was repurposed into a charter school. Part of the mall’s parking lot was converted into an outdoor play and recreation area for students and about an hour away in Chubbock Idaho, opened up in a former Sears store at the Pine Ridge Mall

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