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Facebook Meta Data Center Location


Everyone has been talking about the new Facebook Meta Data Center coming to Kuna Idaho. In this video I’m going to show you the approximate location of where in Kuna the Facebook Meta Data Center will be. if you have yet to move to this area or you just want to enjoy the drive then it is going to be about a 15 minute video. It is quite a drive out. One of the things that you notice right away when entering Kuna Idaho is all the new development happening in this area. Most of the food and retail locations look as if they have just recently been built. Its a really nice looking area and for the time being still lots of open space. You’ll also notice many new home communities and not just here but almost anywhere you go in the treasure valley. The reason that Meta states that it chose Kuna Idaho is due to its great access to infrastructure and renewable energy The Facebook Meta Kuna Data Center will be part of its global infrastructure which powers its apps and services to billions of people around the world. Some of the other details stated by Meta is that their data centers are supported by 100 percent wind and solar energy. They are designed to use 80 percent less water then the industry average Facebook Meta states they chose Idaho because it is cool for half of the year and that the data centers will be using the natural cool air to cool its data centers.

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