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New mixed-use development apartments on the greenbelt of the Boise River in Garden City, Idaho

Fancy apartments. Rooftop hot tubs, fire pits and a theater. Restaurants and bars that link together the Boise River, the Greenbelt and these already-under-construction buildings. The developer heading this development said it could create a city center for Garden City, which doesn’t have one now. A mixed-use development project on the banks of the Boise River in Garden City. The Boardwalk will have a modern design that evokes the natural river flow and Treasure Valley life, the project features apartments, retail spaces, bar and restaurant settings with indoor/outdoor dining possibilities. The namesake centerpiece of the project—the boardwalk—rises from the Greenbelt with planks leading you into the free-flowing space. This bikeable, walkable, multifaceted environment invites the community to linger and experience the river’s edge.
Source: Vida Properties
Construction is expected to begin in spring 2022, and more than 1,200 construction workers will be employed during the height of construction. “We are thrilled to announce Meta’s decision to open a facility in Temple,” Adrian Cannady, president and CEO of Temple Economic Development Corporation, said in the release. “Texas was recently named the top state in the nation for tech worker migration. When you combine that with Temple’s low cost of doing business and central location between major markets, it creates an incredible competitive advantage for our region. The Hyperscale Data Center will have a positive impact on our community not only by creating jobs, but because of Meta’s commitment to invest in local schools, nonprofits and community projects.”
The Boardwalk opens up upscale living right on the river and Boise Greenbelt and a new environment for the greater community to enjoy. With opportunities for living, dining, entertainment, and even special events, the project will bring new life and vibrancy to a unique, beautiful area at the river in Garden City. Construction will occur in phases:
Source: Vida Properties

Construction will occur in phases:

PHASE 1: Planned completion – summer 2022

South wing
96 residential units
2 retail establishments
4 floors
PHASE 2: Planned completion – fall 2023

West and north wings
134 residential units
6 retail establishments
5 floors
4th floor public pub
5th floor open air public patio
6th floor amenities deck (for residents)
Over 16,000 square feet of unique, high-design open public plaza gathering space at the edge of the Greenbelt and Boise River with restaurants, bars, retailers

Source: Vida Properties
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